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Our first session laid the foundation for Behavior Intelligence. 
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What Is Behavior Intelligence
For Leaders?

Our panel of experts led by AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence founder and CEO Nagui Bihelek includes: Julienne Ryan, Michael T. Holmes and William Wagner. This panel of professional coaches bring together over 120 years of professional experience from major fortune 500 corporate to small and medium size business. Extensive experience across sales, public speaking, business acumen and much more.

Join us on this unique opportunity to dive into the importance of Behavior Intelligence in our ever evolving digital world. This will be a 3 part series, so we hope you can attend and bring your heightened curiosity with you. Commit to this series and you are guaranteed it will be not only be leading edge, but highly thought provoking.

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Read Behaviors.

The ability to learn how to read behaviors without inferred intentions.

Explain them.

Be curious about the reason. Seek to understand others without judgement.

Predict responses.

Reach a heightened level of behavior intelligence that enable you to get ahead of the triggers.

Influence outcomes.

Communicate in the language of the receiver with greater accuracy and certainty.

Less Stress.

When we understand specific behaviors rather than generalized labels, we become be less easily triggered.

Reduce Conflicts.

The brain is an amazing computer full of neural programs that are our learned habits and unconscious responses.

Remove Biases.

Our own neural programs define our values and beliefs that result in the rules we live by and expect other to adhere to.


The Behavior Intelligence platform and methodology is the gateway to Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Belonging.

This 3 Part Educational Webinar Series

Is Hosted By Nagui Bihelek

Nagui is the researcher and scientist behind AccuMatch and the Behavior Intelligence platform. A respected master coach and trainer.

Some of his accomplishments include:

  • Has initiated Multiple product innovations and Pioneered multiple product developments.
  • Successful Serial entrepreneur with multiple businesses.
  • Established top Coaching firm in Canada.
  • Business Reengineering consultant to fortune 100 companies.
  • Banking product manager at IBM for Australasia region.

Meet Our Professional Speakers panel

Our guest speakers are some of the top coaches in the industry

  • Julienne B. Ryan

  • Michael T. Holmes

  • William Wagner

  •     Eric Merz    

Coach | Facilitator Author | Narrative Storyteller | Keynote Speaker

Julienne Ryan is a leadership coach, author, keynote speaker and coaching consultant of  the Accu-Match®  Behavior Intelligence Coaching and Leadership Academy .  She has over 20 years of organizational development, management consulting, talent acquisition and training experience. As a professional coach, she engages her clients in creative ways that promote constructive interactions and conversations. Skilled in the art of using narratives to engage her clients in active listening and laughter, she is always focused on creating deep connections and shared experiences.

Her coaching methodology is tailored to fit the client’s needs and personal style and spark insight. Her creative tool kit includes the Narativ Method® and Synectic’s Brainstorming Techniques® and various change management methodologies, coaching techniques and assessments.

Julienne’s services cover a wide range of communication, interpersonal skills, and relationship-building topics including leadership, trust, active listening, engagement, knowledge transfer, and diversity and inclusion.

Whether she is coaching a client, presenting a keynote, conducting a training session, or facilitating an event, she is on a mission to show her clients how they can develop productive teams and professional relationships, one authentic and informed conversation at a time. Her style is edu-entertainment because her presentations are designed to deliver compelling messages and educational content with insightful humor and a smile.

Ryan presents at national and regional conferences and is a frequent guest on podcasts. She is member of notable groups including Collective Brains, The Procurement Foundry, The Association of Training & Development and is the current SIG Chair for Stories in Organizations.

She holds a Master’s degree in Leadership and Organizational Development from Teachers College Columbia University, and a double B.A. in Psychology and Urban Studies from Manhattan College.

What Are Coaches and Leaders Saying
About Behavior Intelligence.

Since the only way I express my thoughts and communicate these to others is through my actions - it just made sense that Behavior Intelligence would be the key to better outcomes.

Now instead of being triggered by what the team does or does not, I am able to speak to them according to how they receive information, thanks to Behavior Intelligence.

For years I could not understand why people do the things they do. Why can't they get it when it's so obviously wrong. I am past that now. We are less stressed as a result of BI.

Our Behavior Underpin Every Outcome In Our Lives and At Work.

Join us for this 3 part educational series.